Building teams and delivering technology-rich engaging solutions across healthcare, sciences, humanities, and the arts for the past 20+ years.

Headshot - Eric Maslowski


I’m a problem-solver at heart which is why I know that true change needs to come from a team. With shared vision, keen customer focus, intentional iteration, and creative people – there are no locked doors.

Sample Projects

A subset of various projects I had the privilege to work on. Click on each for a brief description.

Complex Needs Complex Experience

Innovation that creates lasting change is more than throwing the latest technology at a problem; hoping it sticks. It’s an iterative, creative process that can be developed and used to translate complex requirements into simple, elegant experiences supported by the right tech.

Empowering Others

Working with scientists, doctors, artists, and humanists across the spectrum of age and ability taught me good ideas can come from anywhere. It takes a constant investment in our future selves for a project to be successful. As a life learner, I work with others develop skills that encourage ownership and becoming leaders.

Concept to Completion

With roughly 150 completed projects behind me, they all started with a “crazy idea.” Can we virtually dissect a cadaver so students can go on a treasure hunt through the body while learning anatomy? Can we create a biomarker for pain and allow a clinician to see the pain in a patient’s brain in real-time? Can we accurately capture, preserve, and share cultural movements from dying traditions? Yes, we can. Now let’s find the ingredients to get there.


Strategic Planning | Project/Task Management | UI/UX Design & Testing | XR Experience Design and Development | 3D Modeling & Animation | Digital Imaging | Game Design | Visualization | Visual Effects & Motion Graphics | Web/Mobile Programming (Web, Mobile, PC) | Cloud System Design | Audio Design & Production | 3D Scanning | Motion Capture | Regulatory Compliance

Digital ImagingPhotoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo/Designer
Visual Effects & Motion GraphicsAfter Effects, Premiere, Resolve
3D Modeling & Animation3D Studio Max (Certified Instructor), ZBrush, Blender, Photogrammetry
Platforms (Android/iOS/PC)Unity3D, WebGL/Three.js, Unreal Engine
UX Testing & DesigninDesign, Figma, Mechanical Turk
ProgrammingC#, C++, Node.js, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
CloudAWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, SQS, SNS, etc.
XR EquipmentHololens, Oculus, Vive, CAVE, Cardboard
Regulatory ComplianceHIPAA, GDPR
Business OpsTeamWork Projects, Slack, Trello, etc.
Development OpsJira, Preforce, Plastic SCM, GIT
AdministrativeFull MS Office / GSuite
Audio ProductionMaschine, Audacity